An interview by Marta Spencer of Art of Mobile regarding my coastal photography. All images shot with iPhones. 
Art of Mobile have a great Instagram feed and can be found on Youtube. Art of Mobile feature great mobile photography and are very supportive of the amazing talent that create these images. They share mobile photography tips, inspirations, run competitions and share interviews such as this one.
The extended interview... 
1. Where do you live, and what do you do for a living?
I live in North Wales in the UK. I am an iPhone photographer and artist offering workshops and lectures. 
2. What type of a camera do you use? 
Apple iPhone 11 Pro* 
* Now shooting with iPhone 12 Pro Max 
3. How do you decide on a location? 
I live near the coast and I am surrounded by stunning countryside - there is plenty of inspiration here. I also visit large cities such as Manchester and Liverpool for urban shots. 
4. How many shots do you take? 
Too many, I find it hard to stop - I have a passion for the art of creating photos. 
5. How do you know when you have the right shot? 
I trust my instincts. 
6. Any missed opportunities? 
During the UK Coronavirus lockdown there have been many. I treat missed opportunities like buses - miss one and another will arrive soon enough. 
7. What is your ultimate shot? 
I haven’t taken it yet. 
8. Have you taken any photography lessons? 
I have had a long creative career, the best lesson is not making the same mistake twice. 
9. What is your favorite type of photography? 
Anything that makes me stop and think. 
10. How many angles do you shoot? 
Given time and opportunity, I will shoot many angles. Currently, I enjoy using the iPhone ultra wide lens for landscape work.
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