Adrian McGarry Photographer
Born and raised in Manchester, now enjoying life in North Wales. UK-based photographer, artist, speaker, workshop leader, and a respected authority in iPhone photography. I've dedicated over twelve years to capturing images with an iPhone and have been engaged in creating digital art for more than thirty years.
•Photographer  •Photo Artist  •Long Creative Career  •Workshop Leader •Speaker  •ARPS Distinction  •Over 10 years shooting on iPhone
Photography has been a steadfast and enduring pursuit throughout my entire life. For over thirty years, I have been actively involved in creating digital art. This journey has led to a fulfilling and creative career that has now spanned over five decades. My experience has been diverse, working with large corporations, medium to small enterprises, and even running my own creative studio. This has given me a comprehensive understanding of every aspect and level of the publishing industry, from the early days of 'lick and stick' and hot-metal typesetting to the current digital age of content creation and cloud-based publishing. It has been a thrilling ride, filled with learning opportunities and innovative collaborations that have been truly rewarding.
Over ten years ago, I embarked on a significant shift in my photography approach, transitioning from a Canon DSLR and multiple lenses to an iPhone. Smartphone photography quickly became my passion, and the iPhone became my preferred camera. However, embracing smartphone photography did not mean that I discarded everything I had learned about photography in the previous four decades. On the contrary, I firmly believe that my iPhone photography has made me a better photographer, offering me greater opportunities, convenience, and creativity in my work.
In the last decade, I have had the privilege of presenting smartphone photography talks to camera clubs, photographic societies and corporate events, sharing my knowledge and passion with others.
For me, photography goes beyond simply documenting a subject or scene; it serves as a medium for creative expression. My objective is to evoke awareness and convey meaningful perceptions in my artistic endeavours. The freedom of creativity possessed by traditional artists to express context and meaning with a brushstroke or knife is precisely what I aspire to achieve through my photography and digital art.
Through the practice of intentional camera movement and multiple exposures I express a personal interpretation of light and form. My re-imagined coastal scenes created in an abstract style with impressionistic, free-flowing camera movements are the result of emotion and spontaneity. I call these images Coastal Impressions and I’m closer to these pieces of art than any other I’ve ever created. I also use similar in-camera techniques to produce my Urban Echoes series offering surreal perspectives evolved from everyday life.
I strive to extend my self-expression beyond an initial photograph, creating moods and atmospheres that may not have been achievable during the original capture. This is evident evident in my Pixel Painted Art. Post processing techniques play a major part in the creation of these images. Through this art form, I was awarded an Associate (ARPS) distinction from The Royal Photographic Society in their Visual Arts category in 2013. Transforming a photo into a realistic work of art requires cutting-edge artistic tools and at the heart of my desktop workflow lies the phenomenal Corel Painter®, the world's most advanced digital painting software. In 2017 I was awarded 'Feature Artist' status by Corel in recognition of the art that I produce in their phenomenal software.
Throughout the years, I've explored the world of traditional art, experimenting with oils, acrylics, and watercolors. This rich experience has proven invaluable in my venture into digital art creation. In recent times, I've harnessed the power of a diverse array of of artistic apps available on Apple's iOS system to develop my unique workflow. By skillfully 'stacking' results from these apps, I seamlessly blend them into a cohesive final composite piece, giving rise to what I call my  Expressions Art.
My artistic style often resides in the captivating realm between reality and imagination. I find myself driven to produce art that embodies a sense of freedom, be it through impressionistic renderings, or abstract interpretations. One of my notable creations, the Manchester Worker Bee tribute, perfectly exemplifies this artistic approach.
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